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During Easter Break I went to Detroit, Michigan, US with other international students of my uni. Because city where we all live is small without any shopping malls we wanted to do some shopping in Detroit. We all went to Twelve Oaks Mall for six hours. Me and my friend also walked to Oakland Mall that was right next to our hotel.


Twelve Oaks mall is enormous and has a lot of stores and brands. From there you can find about everything from spas to luxurious clothes, cheap accessories and power tools. 😀 I am trying not to spend too much money now because I’ll go to Chicago and NYC in next 6 weeks so I will definitely need my money there too. However there were couple things I really had to buy. One of them was a suitcase. My old suitcase is broken so I decided to find new one from Detroit. I also wanted to find new sunglasses that fit with my blonde hair and are this season.

SuitcaseLondonFogDetroit3DreamerAchiever SuitcaseLondonFogDetroit2DreamerAchiever SuitcaseLondonFogDetroit1DreamerAchiever SuitcaseLondonFogDetroitDreamerAchiever

I bought my new suitcase from Macy’s. They had -50% sales so this beauty was less than $200! I was thinking to buy a Samsonite suitcase but to be honest this London Fog one looked better and definitely more feminine – and the price was about the same with 25” Samsonite so why not? I didn’t know too much about its brand before. However I did some Googling and found that the brand is actually almost hundred years old cloth and bag brand!

My new suitcase is super light weighted, it looks great, the handle is aluminum, it has four wheels that roll very smoothly and I love the print. There is also a lot of pockets in and on it. And one must thing: you can use your own lock to make sure the bag won’t open. I might tell you more about traveling with it after doing so. Experiences about London Fog suitcases anyone?


I also found sunglasses from Sunglass Hut of Twelve Oaks. They have couple Sunglass Huts there but the one inside Macy’s has biggest variety of glasses. I hate and love those stores. Last summer I found perfect Prada glasses from similar store in Chicago. Yes, they have all glasses I love, all colors, all brands, all shapes – and it’s usually super cheap compared to Europe but it’s still not super cheap. These Coaches were about $210 with tax. I’m pretty happy that I found something that “cheap” this time. 😀 Their glasses are about $150 to $500 without any sales so two hundred is pretty good price there.


Additionally I bought only some protein bars and got some vitamin candy samples with them. These are from GNC. You read more about Quest Bars in my previous review (Click here to review). The candies I got had super sweet after taste even thought they first taste like some BCAA or other amino products. I like the idea of them (I always forgot my vitamin pills!) but I wouldn’t buy those.


Oakland mall is about 20% of the size of Twelve Oaks. It’s small but it’s perfect for a little shopping afternoon with a friend. They have mostly cloth, shoe and accessories stores. Most of them are cheap ones. Macy’s and express were highest quality / price stores they have. My friend and me had two hours and it was about enough because we only wanted to go to GNC, Express and some shoe stores. She found nice pair of Vans for the summer and I bought one shirt and one scarf from Express. I fell totally in love with leopard print! I think it will be in again this summer because I saw a lot of leo prints in clothes – for example in Ralp Lauren’s spring collection there was some leo pieces.


Now I have three leo pieces in my closet: this shirt, scarf and the clutch (click) I bought before. Maybe no more leo for me in a while. Haha. 🙂 I think that print can be gorgeous and luxurious but if you have too much of it on it’s everything but good looking.


And oh, I bought something not so necessary too. My thin black leather belt is about to break so I would have needed new one sooner or later so I got the Calvin Klein belt shown above. 🙂

Ps. Did you guys knew that religious days like Friday and Sunday of Easter doesn’t influence any businesses or opening hours in States but in many European countries everything is closed or has shortened hours then.

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