Weird American Food Part 3

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Couple times every weak I become surprised in grocery store, dining hall or somewhere else where is food. This time I’ll share you couple things I see in dining hall everyday and one nasty sounding founding from grocery store. Don’t understand these wrong I’m actually sure I’ll miss many foods and products from States – I think I’ll share these in some point. … And after going back to Finland I could do “Weird Finnish Foods” -post. Even thought it’s hard to think my national foods as weird ones but I can always try.

I have shared weird American foods two times before. You can find the previous posts by clicking: Part 1 (CLICK) and Part 2 (CLICK)


Colored foods and desserts like Jell-Os are something I see everyday here. Yes, we have colored candies in Finland too but colored cottage cheese, colored mousses, colored cereal and these Jell-Os everyday. Seriously? Fortunately we usually have something less colorful too. 🙂


Cereal cakes – colored crazy-looking rainbow cereal with some kind of syrup that keeps those in their shape. 😀


Last one for this time is pineapple in heavy syrup. I’m not completely sure what it is but the list of ingredients told me those include pineapples, sugar, water and some artificial stuff. So super sugary water is called heavy syrup I guess. Sounds pretty ugly. In Finland we have pineapples in their own juice (yes, they have those in States too) and pineapples in sugary water. I didn’t buy these so I don’t know is this similar or more sweet version but I wanted to post this because of that name. 😀

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