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In my photography course our 4th assignment was photo restoration. I actually had never done anything like that and it seemed pretty boring. Usually I like to do good new photos, play with effects and learn to use different brushes and draw with them. I surprised myself in this assignment. It was actually pretty easy to fix those old photos and adding some colors in them was fun and cool.

Hardest part was finding the photos. Our teacher offered us four different photos to use but I wanted to do something different. We have 18 students and four photos so I decided to do something that ten other ones are not doing. I found two photos with Google image search (I think I Googled something like “damaged old black and white photos”). We have to print all our work so it’s sometimes hard to find high quality photos that you actually want to work with.

We actually had to do only one photo but I wanted to practice. So I did three. One of the ones teachers offered and two that I found. Here is the one I finally returned:DreamerAchieverPhotoRestorationAssignment

Source of the original picture (left):

I have done the middle and right one with Photoshop CC. I mostly used healing and spot healing brush tool to fix this photo. After fixing it black and white (middle) I colored it (right). I will get feedback from the teacher later today. I think I did pretty nice.

It would be fun to do this kind of things for money. Easy, fun and valuable skill. And the best thing is that this teaches you basic Photoshopping skills and helps you to create better pictures. 🙂 Anyone interested to see a tutorial or tips about restoration?

How much would you pay for fixing (and coloring) your old photos? How about making new pics even better?

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