Happy Birthday Dreamer Achiever! The First Blog Anniversary!

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Oh wow, it have been an year already. Sun is shining and I’m ready to my next summer as Dreamer Achiever. I kind of feel I’ve been blogging forever because I had cooking and baking blog for five years before this one but oh wow, my new English speaking baby has it’s first Birthday. 🙂

I wish nothing bad happens and I can do this one at least as long as I did my old blog. With it I had bad luck – the server crashed and all my photos disappear – twice in two months. It felt like end of the world then but in the end I’m happy that it forced me to begin new one. I was thinking beginning in English for years but before that I never did. Maybe it was a destiny that gave my blogging career new fresh start. I hope in future I can work with social media and blogging.

Btw. I found horribly fun Birthday song from YouTube. In US I have learned to like weird, mean humor. Haha, I hope you love this one too. 🙂

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