The Gift / Childhood Story

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It’s so beautiful, shining and sparkling. My eyes are sparkling almost as much as the dress. I would look like a princess or the most beautiful of all My Little Ponies in that perfect piece of wearable art. I know that mommy has no money to waste on me. And she would say I don’t need it. But when I’m a big girl I’ll wear something similar everyday. Once I’ll be a big girl.  

Mommy is calling me; it’s time to go. I don’t say anything about the dress. I take the final look. I try to remember all the details. When we’re back home I draw it into my notebook. I design couple more ones I would love to have. I write steps I need to complete to get them. Steps that I will complete to become one of the women I adore.

I saw interesting writing prompt in The Writer magazines December 2014 magazine. The prompt was called “The Gift” and the idea was that imagine yourself a child seeing a perfect holiday present, your job is to describe feelings and thoughts of it as a child.

Story above was what I first though when I saw that prompt. Story is fictive but there is some truth in it. I lived most of my childhood with my mother in a small town. My mom is a very practical person. She doesn’t use money to things she wants – she buys things she need, even if she has money. She always said to me that she doesn’t have any money to make sure I’m not asking too much things that are not necessary.

However I’ve always loved luxury, nice items, and beautiful people, buying something I just want even if it’s not always necessary. I would love to be person who enjoys life and makes it beautiful. Woman who shines and smiles in most beautiful dress, just to have princess moments. I’ve always dreamed about luxurious rich life.

Another fact about my childhood and me is being organized and doing plans. I love to make plans and put the plans into action. My relatives keep saying, “If Nora really wants something, she definitely gets it – sooner or later”. That phrase is still absolutely true. I’ll always be on my way to perfect life but I’m however making my dreams come true – one by another.

And I still got motivation by seeing people, technology, houses, etc. that I adore. I’m very visual person – and full of plans and goals.

What would you think and feel if you would be the child seeing a perfect item?

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