Classical Makeup for Blonde

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I’m still not used to this pretty blonde hair. I bleached my roots on Saturday and I added left over bleach to rest of my hair. Usually I put the extra to my hair as stripes so it looks more natural. The result is nice, lighter hair. I think I’ll do one more bleach to whole hair in some point but I want to let my hair recover a bit before that. My hair is still in pretty good condition because I’ve loaded tons of threatening hair oil into it but still I think it’s good idea to wait a bit. Me4

Before I did nice nude make up for summer blonde (click here to read my previous post). This time I wanted to try something more classical. I added to that basic look some black eyeliner and red lipstick (or actually raspberry pink lipstick because I forgot my red in Finland 😛 ). I also add some white eyeshadow to inner corners of my eyes and some bronzer to my upper lids. Me3

This pink lipstick looked great with dark hair and tanned skin but now it really pops up so this is not every day look to work or school but I still like this. Just make sure that you don’t have too much other make up or too girly accessories if you want to look stylish instead of foolish. 😉 I could use this look in not too official parties with people I know. Me1

Aww, this is so pretty. 😀 Add a pink hair bow and it’s so sugary sweet that I don’t know should I like or feel sick haha…


… On the other hand this is quite hot. Maybe my outfit is not the hottest one but still.

What do you think about this look? Is that lipstick too much or just perfect on blond me?


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