Year as a Traveller, Where I’ve Been or Will Be Between May 2014 and May 2015?

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Top of the Rock, NYC, NY January 2015

This year have been my explore the US year. So many states, cities, towns and great people!  I think next year will be explore the Europe year even thought my goals and heart will still be in States. I just want to see Europe too. And if I some point move to States it will be harder to travel Europe then. But anyway, back to this year:

I’m super happy because of my plans for next couple months I will go to Detroit, MI for three days with other international students, for Chicago, IL for a weekend with my Finnish and Korean friends and to Buffalo & NYC, NY for a week with one friend. And when I go to Finland I’m going to volunteer in an international event for couple days – and go around the Finland tour. So excited! 🙂 One of my plans to success is to see different places and people to understand this world better. I hope it will help me in future because I definitely want to have international career and travel a lot.



Wisconsin Dells Boat Tours, Wisconsin Dells, WI, July 2014

I want to take great photos, explore local attractions & suck in the cultural information of all the places I visit. I’m more interested in locals life than being tourist but it’s fun to try both. My ideal time in one place is 2-8 months. In that time you can make friends, you don’t have to hurry and you can settle down and relax. However you know that you’re not stuck in that place. You can enjoy the advantages and forgive disadvantages because you know you don’t have to deal with them forever. Also for monetary issues it’s better to spend couple months in one place because housing, food and flight costs calculated per day will be a lot smaller that way – and if you want to work it’s easier to get a job for 6 months than 6 days.


Megabus, Chicago, IL, May 2014

That Detroit trip plans are superb. I’ve never wanted to go to that city but our university’s international services offer us transportation and free hotel nights + two museums. And there is almost 20 international students traveling together. I’m sure it will be fun! Nice way for networking with internationals. I’m glad I used my Spring Break with locals and now I’ll spend more time with other internationals. 🙂


Hancock Tower, Chicago, IL, May 2014

It’s crazy that within 12 months between May 2014 and May 2015 I will be / have been in:

New York City, NY x2 (2 weeks)

Chicago, IL x3 (8 days)

Wisconsin Dells, WI 4 months

Madison, WI x2 (2 days)

Janesville, WI x1 (1 day)

Sumter, SC x1 (1 week)

Toledo, OH x1 (1 day)

Lima, OH x3 (3 days)

Detroit, MI x1 (3 days)

Ada, OH 4 months

Buffalo, NY x1 (1 day)

+ maybe some other cities nearby Ada


Madison State Capitol, Madison, WI, June 2014

… And of course I was in Finland for 3,5 months. It went in Kuopio and Helsinki just studying and organizing my travels to States 😀

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