Amazing Dance Videos from YouTube

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I love watching YouTube videos if I’m bored or doing indoor cardio training at gym. During my stay in ONU I’ve doing indoor cardio about every day. So, I have found plenty of nice videos. Today I’m going to share my favorite dance choreographies with you guys. I hope you enjoy!

1. Oh wow, I love this one. Amazing choreo, talented couple and they really are dancing from the bottom of their hearts. I love the connection between them and the song. This choreography is also great and pretty well performed. Especially the usage of facial expressions and the way dancers let their feeling show is just awesome! ❤

2. I wish I could be like her when I was 12. So clear technique, so flexible, so beautiful! In this choreography I love the combination of ballet and and more modern and acrobatic parts.

3. Looks so easy. She doesn’t even look like a human when she dances. She is just the object that wakes up the song. So unbelievable. I don’t know what to think, she does it too perfect.

Ps. Only We Can Change Ourselves! I love the message of this and how it is moved into dance. And for me those jumps and technique in common looked very good. … And it’s nice to see someone about my age doing great instead of sharing videos of kids being too flexible, heh. 🙂

Which one is your favorite?

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