Weekend 13-15th of March in Ada, Ohio

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At first. It’s less than two months and I’m in Helsinki, Finland. Oh my gosh. I don’t want to leave, not yet if at all! On Saturday night I went to my friends place to hangout and watch a movie from television. Well, the TV didn’t work for some reason so we decided to go to the local movie theater (yes, there is a movie theater in Ada – right next to ONU campus area) and watch American Sniper. I usually don’t like war movies or violence in general but because I would like to understand history of United States better I found the movie interesting in that point of view. The movie was combination of war, action and drama. It’s very well filmed. DreamerAchieverAmericanSniper

After movie we talk a bit about our after semester and other travel plans. I’m so excited! A) I am going back to NYC and my friend is coming with me LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤ I’ve missed that city more than I could ever imagine, I’m super happy and grateful that I can go back there and stay for a week! 🙂 ) Moreover we are planning to go to Chicago with my Finnish and Korean friends for some weekend. After being in both NYC and Chicago I’m more excited of the first one but I like Chicago a lot thought. And it’s very cheap city to hangout so why not. 🙂 Third time in Chicago here I come!

I love planning my travels and I always feel more happy and motivated when I have something fun to wait. During last couple days I have also felt super happy because of great weather. Great weather in Ada? Yeah, it’s possible. 🙂 It can change to horrible quickly but let’s enjoy it as long as it lasts! What else I did during weekend? Of course things like blogging and photo editing! 😉 I also had own  Wall St movie marathon alone in the middle of the Friday night. I watched both Money Never Sleeps and Wolf of the Wall Street from like 9pm to 2am haha. I like them because I found them pretty entertaining and it’s also interesting to watch movies made in NYC + I would like to improve my business English so it’s almost like studying, right? 😀


Ps. I think pizza and burger and other junk food culture is not the (only) reason why American people are big. It’s because of the buffet culture. Everyday in university we can take unlimited amount of vegetarian, grill, meat, hamburgers, sandwiches, cereal, salad – and of course cookies, ice cream, cakes, soda, soft ice, bagels, bread, etc. Above you can see couple examples of American school desserts. All that buffet food is available 3 times a day.


Pps. Even thought all that food is available I think I have learned to make pretty good choices in here. I actually think I eat healthier in here than in Finland – and that’s because you don’t have to pay what you take. I mean I can take 4 boiled eggs and only eat the whites or I can eat unlimited amount of for example beef or salad. In Finland I buy all my own food so as a student you don’t want to threw anything away or eat most expensive foods.

DreamerAchieverEyebrowanimal kopio

Pps. I finally am able to do nice colored brown eyebrows that match my blonde hair. These are made with my black brow pen and bronzer

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