Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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In States they celebrate everything. 😀 Today it’s Saint Patrick’s Day. There is little green stuff everywhere because of that. If you’re interested the story behind this day click here to find Wikipedia’s information about it.

This is one of the photos to my photography course’s still life assignment. I took it in some church during Spring Break in Sumter, South Carolina, US.


49mm, f/5.6, 1/60, ISO 3200

In this photo you can see what happens when you forgot your camera to too big ISO setting. Digital noise. I didn’t saw that on cameras LCD screen but in higher quality computer screen that’s pretty visible even after little Photoshopping. This photo would definitely had worked better with ISO 800 and shutter speed around 1/15.

Ps. We had Irish music and green donuts and green cookies in university’s breakfast. Haha 😀 I forgot take picture but maybe you can imagine them.

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