Self-Portraits for Photography class Part 4 of 4 / How to take a good self-portrait?

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What do you want to say with you’re picture? Dreams of future in New York is my message in this one – the selfie itself is taken in my room and the background is a view from the Top of the Rock, NYC in January 2015.


28mm, 1/50, f/4, ISO 1000

Would you have focused this one to my eyes or to my class? In this case it’s about what you want to highlight. I asked my friend to take a shot of me and my camera was on AF (auto focus) mode so it focused to nearest object – in that case to my class. It works in this case but be careful if you’re using AF and there are objects closer than your subject. Make sure the focus is where you want it to be! 🙂

  1. Think what you want to say with the picture! Is it about your hobby, about your special skill? Is it for CV, class or Facebook? Do you want it be fun, serious or something else?
  2. What ever you decide in most cases is a good idea to show your personality in your self-portrait.
  3. Ask a friend help you or use tripod and remote control if you want your whole body in the picture (okay, if you don’t have huge camera like I do you can also use ubertrendy selfie stick 😉 )
  4. If you want close up camera with a rotating screen makes shooting a lot easier. In case you don’t have one and you want to take picture alone you have two choices 1) use mirror (you can just check the screen via mirror instead of taking picture of your photo in mirror), 2) Take a lot of pictures – some of them is usually good
  5. Most of the time I found semiautomatic shooting modes easiest to use – or if you’re going to shoot manually make sure you have enough time to do bracketing (= testing different combinations of exposure time, f-stop, etc)

+ When you shoot a self-portrait remember all the basics (LINK) of portrait photography – focus to eyes, think about background, try different angles and shapes to make pictures more interesting, etc.


18mm, 1/30, f/3,5, ISO 400

Have fun with mirrors!


18mm, 1/30, f/3,5, ISO 640

Use different shapes and angles!


33mm, 1/50, f/4,5, ISO 1250

Use tripod + remote control or a friend to get you’re whole body in the photo!

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