Self-Portraits for Photography Class Part 3 of 4 / Photoshopped

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Sometimes I just love to go crazy with Photoshop and try new things. 🙂 These ones are the most extreme tries I did to my self-portrait assignment to my photography class. Our teacher always ask us to be creative in every ways so this is what I ended up. I did 21 more normal photos and then these. Just funny not too cool. I have a lot of things to learn haha. Just wanted to share them with you to offer you something to laugh. 😀


Let’s start with the least crazy one. 😀 The background is from last September trip to Chicago. That’s some beautiful bridge nearby Millennium Park. I photoshopped my pole selfie into that and made a shadow to me on the “pole”. Shadow was the hardest part what comes to editing but taking a good shot was even worse. Imagine yourself climbing the pole with camera and trying then take a photo with mirror under horrible lightning conditions. Hah. The actual photo wasn’t good at all but I made it work.

And this photo actually tells something about me: 1. When others are nicely taking photos while standing cool I’m always the one either laying on the ground, climbing somewhere or making some other funny looking things to get cool pics, 2. I’m usually the transparent one what comes to photos of events, etc. I’m the one with camera – behind the camera.


Going wilder – three mes pole dancing in Hilton Chicago. 😀 Photo behind is from last September and the polers are took for this assignment with help of a friend. Oh my how much work it was to put those four pictures together and change lightings, do the shadows, etc. Fun but not a quickest thing to do.


If the one before wasn’t crazy enough – here you go! Avatar skinned me with huge eyes and pink silly looking frames. 😀 Haha. I don’t even like Avatar too much but I just like the way those characters look. And I love pink and pole so this is what I ended up.

Which one is our favorite? What’s the craziest thing you love to do with Photoshop? 

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