Self-Portraits for Photography Class Part 2 of 4 / Surgeon Money Funny

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As I told you in Saturday’s post we had an assignment called self-portrait in my photography class. We were supposed to take photos that tell something about us. I tried couple different themes but I wanted to concentrate on things I love and dream – hobbies, career, etc. Today’s set is about the fact I love money and in future I see myself as a plastic surgeon. I would love to do something business related too but this time I focused to the medical part and money. Here you can see my favorites of those themes:


39mm, 1/13, f/8, ISO 800 (picture of me, I think those dollars were something like f/18)

This one is the one I returned. I love it! There is so much symbolism in this one. At first you can obviously see my dreams of money and surgery in this photo – dollars and a scalpel. I’ve chosen dollars because I see myself doing my career – or at least some parts of it in States.

Scalpel on my lips symbolizes three things to me: I’m kind of kissing it because it’s something I love on the other hand it seems like cutting my lip – my dream is something some people hate, even though it gives a lot of joy to my life it make some people hate me at the same time. Also the fact my mouth is closed and the scalpel is in front of it wants to tell how tabu this theme is for some people and countries. As a contrast to the hidden part of plastic surgery I’m naked in that picture – I have nothing to hide and I’m totally happy and comfortable even though some people cannot accept my dreams.

One more thing I would like to note from that photo is the fact I’ve photoshopped my face prettier than it actually is – perfect skin and a little bigger lips just to say what I would like to be. I never want to hide me and my personal look and person but I want to be the best version of myself in every aspect. I have also put some motion blur to the money behind me to tell that even though I love earning and having money it’s made to move.


36mm, 1/60, f/5, ISO 1000

Same theme carries on. I love the background of this – small beautiful things in everyday life. I also love the more informal clothes I have. Maybe my smile is little frozen and the picture is too yellow (I kind of like the warm color but it’s not very realistic)


20mm, 1/40, f/3,5, ISO 500

Proud of everything I’ve done in my life and everything I’ll do in my future. 🙂


20mm, 1/40, f/3,5, ISO 500

Portrait doesn’t necessary have to include your face. I love the fact how our teacher encourages us try everything fun and creative.

SoPrettyButSoDamnDangerous kopio kopio

18mm, 1/30, f/3,5, ISO 200

Hahaha, this one is cool photo but am I only one who things the theme is lost? I look more like a serial killer than passionate doctor. 😀 This one could be used in a horror movie’s cover or so. I kind of love this picture though. And it’s quite good to be self-taken with huge SLR camera set.

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