My Working Shirts for Volunteering Trip

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When you’re volunteering in construction site you don’t want to wear anything expensive, uncomfortable, hot or cold. I didn’t had any shirts I really want to ruin with paint, dust, etc so I asked my friend if her roommate could donate me some. So I got 3 tees and one long sleeve. I also bought one long one. That one is typical American trip shirt – logos, texts and something from bible. 😀 I haven’t bought any tourist / trip / memory shirts but two NYC shirts during my stays in States so I’ll forgive me this.

DreamerAchieverHabitatShirtsWhiteMy favorite! This colors are my favorites and I’ve secretly always wanted to have cool guys American Eagle shirt. Maybe I keep and bring home this one if it’s fine after trip. 😀

DreamerAchieverHabitatShirtsOrangeMore Eagles. Kind cool one but I don’t like the color (even thought I feel like I should because it’s ONUs color)


Ahahaha! I was laughting out loud when I saw this. Soooo Midwestern colors. … And I look like an anime girl with that yellow text that perfectly mach the color of my hair. 😀


Couple more basic shirts. Black Fruit of the Bloom basic shirt and neon green American Eagle. That color actually look better on me than I ever though.


And finally my Habitat & ONU advertisement must buy shirt. 😀 This one is pretty good looking to be ad. In couple days I can tell you how did these five work. Once again all posts between 1st and 7th of March are scheduled posts made during last two weeks of February. At the moment I’m construction monkey at the East Coast, USA. 🙂

Which one is your favorite?

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