Fun Videos for Wednesday

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As I told you before I’m at the moment volunteering in South Carolina but I made couple of scheduled posts to give you something fun and inspiring to read and watch during Spring Break. I’ll be back on Sunday March 8th to answer your comments and emails and blog about my volunteering experience. See you guys and have fun with fun Youtube videos I have found during last couple weeks! 🙂

British guy speaking about weird things in States. 😀 All Europeans can agree at least some of the points. Which ones do you agree? Skinylicious was my favorite, I have faced that far too many times. Midwest is the best place to see that kind of things. The best things are cheese and bacon and everything in those huge things they call skinny or light or something. And the toilets… I’ve already had couple awkward moments when I’ve had eye contact with someone when one of us is in toilet and the another one is outside. Really there are like inch (or two) at both sides of the door.

Roommates. Oh, roommates. 😀 I’ve always been quite lucky what comes to roomies. Weirdest things have happen: 1. roomies friend knocking on my door 2.30am and asking me to swim with him (in the middle of the night in Finland), 2. another funny one was going home when one of my roomies and her boyfriend was doing yoga in the middle of our kitchen. Do you have or have had crazy roomies doing funny stuff?

This is why someone always reads and edits doctors’ notes always before they come accessible for patients, insurance companies, etc. My favorites are 1:15 and 1:25. 😀

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