Practicing Makeup for Blonde Summer 2015!

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This year I’m doing something crazy I though last summer. Last summer the sun of Midwest made my ombre super light. I have always dreamed of perfect natural looking light blonde summer look and I have decided to nail it this year. Before Spring Break I began the process that I guess will be ready in May. Now I’m golden blonde with dark blonde and white blonde stripes. I will write own post about this process from dark brown to really light blonde.

I don’t find myself a beauty blogger but every woman is allowed to do couple beauty posts right? 🙂 During next week there will be plenty of scheduled posts – some photography tips, and funny videos to mention some. I might blog something more before leaving to South Carolina but in case I don’t I want to wish you all happy and safe Spring Break where ever you go! I will tell more about my trip when I’m back in Ada. At the moment I’m just hoping it’s warm there and that my friend’s family takes good care of my stuff here. 😀


This is the final look made with only 4 products that have costed me about 45USD in total (I have bought them during last couple years so I don’t remember exact prices)

However you cannot just change hair without changing anything else. The colors of old clothes don’t fit and old perfect lipstick looks ridiculous on you. I have been watching million tutorials of make ups for blondes. One common problem is the amount of different products used. Fine, if ten companies give you free products you have to advertise them but for someone buying all make ups using 20 products everyday might not be possible (especially when you’re travelling). Thus I decided to challenge myself and try to use less than 5 products and do myself natural looking summer make up that I could use with my blonde hair.


I used 4 products:

  • The Body Shop colour-adapting tinted cream tone 2 (under eyebrows, on cheekbones, on chin and in the middle of nose)
  • The Body Shop colour-adapting tinted cream tone 3 (all the others of those spots seen in picture below)
  • Maybeline dream matte mousse 010 Ivory under my eyes & on my lips
  • Lumene Natural Code Mineral Blush 10 pinky on my lips

Creams I bought from Chicago last fall and two others are old ones from Finland. I still have some lashes of my old eyelash extensions left (they have lasted 3 months (!!!) The girl who did them said that they will last 2-4 weeks – and I even have one of my diamonds left).




Areas of creams. It quite funny that these two are exactly same looking but when you but them on your skin they totally change their color. Above I have explained which one is lighter (02) and which one is darker (03) tone.


After cream with natural lips.


Finally I made my nude lips with cream matte mousse and light pink blush. I could use this as a every day summer look and maybe find some nice lipstick for night make up. Any suggestions?


At the moment this looks quite dark on me but I’m sure this will work better with more tanned skin.

What kind of look you have planned to have on summer 2015?

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