Busy, Busy Midterm Week in American University

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Huh, what a week this has been! Returning papers, finishing second photography assignment (self portrait wasn’t the easiest thing to do), trying to expertize couple dance movements for performance evaluation that will be later today and reading like crazy to midterms and quizzes. I’ve used about all my spare time from Sunday to now to just study and do school stuff.


Something fun and easy between classes? Editing and printing photos 🙂 We ha 18 PCs and one iMac with new Photoshop, super good photo printer and equipments to cut photos, etc after printing in the studio.

At the moment I have one more quiz to do before break. It’s a take home test with open notes and 48 hours time. It’s just writing five essays about international management so I’m actually exited that’s very interesting, important and not too hard course. After I’ve returned that and passed today’s dance thing I’m officially on Spring Break! I’m happy and look forward to the trip but I’m also little sad because I just realized I’m already half way back to Finland. Oh States, couldn’t I just stay here? I just start to have real friends and get used to the norms and the system here. If you can choose between year and semester be wiser than I was.


But in some point you have to study. I was doing my epidemiology notes when I realized that all transmission routes begin with “in”. Haha, at that point that was funniest thing ever. Transmission is in? Pathogens are going in? Studying is definitely not a good thing to you when you do it more than 10 hours a day for many days in row.

School things my this week includes/included:

  • All regular classes
  • 1 hour of dance master class to get extra credit (there was two offered but I had another mandatory class at the same time)
  • Dance performance evaluation (I’ll tell you more when I’ve done this)
  • Epidemiology Quiz 2 – multiple choice and fill out the blank questions
  • Photography Midterm exam – multiple choices, fill out the blanks and 2 essays
  • One take home Midterm exam – 5 essays
  • Photography assignment 2 – self portrait (photos of this coming in some point)
  • Epidemiology worksheet about different study types
  • Power Point presentation about healthcare management case
  • Maybe I go to see a ballet performance today to get an extra credit

Additionally I’ve had meeting related to the volunteering trip, 3 hours of zumba, 1 hour badminton, stretching, blogging and oh, I should do laundry and pack my stuff for next week. And of course when I’m done with all this there are deadlines of one photography assignment, epidemiology midterm and two dance papers right after Spring Break. And I should read a book that includes about 300 pages if I want extra credits to my epidemiology course.

Seems like I won’t be bored during next couple weeks! At least I can sleep long during next three days because my morning classes are cancelled (free study time to do things like that take home exam). 🙂

Here you have some presentation, paper, case study or review going on all the time. However I found exams and studying easier here. In Finland it’s all about one exam and grade of it – here you might have 3 quizzes, 2 exams, 4 presentations and 4 four papers that will influence your grade – moreover in most of the courses you have some extra credit opportunities. So if you’re not with exams you can do everything else great, catch the extra credits and get a good grade. I prefer this system because I like doing different things it also makes learning more fun and increases creativity in my opinion.


And hey, something fun during this week: New nails! 🙂 This time I took little shorter ones with French. These are my first acrylic ones I hope that these last longer than gels (I had gels twice last year and they lasted like two days before they started to look horrible and they were totally gone in two weeks, ugh – and they were super expensive because I had them in Europe).

Ps. Someone had Googled pole dance classes in Ada Ohio and found my blog. There are no pole classes in Ada. You can either buy own pole or try other cities nearby if you have a car.

How has your week gone?

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