In Review: Protein Chips from Quest Nutrition

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Quest Nutrition sent me 4 different flavored protein chips for a review. We had a tasting and evaluation night with my five friends. None of us had tested any kind of protein chips before but everyone of us likes regular chips. Quest’s chips have awesome nutritional facts: there are 120 calories, 2grams of fat, 21 grams protein and 5grams of carbs in one bag! Oh wow.


The chips were really crispy but little powdery however it was really go for a protein snack. Tastes were like regular chips but there was a little after taste. In my opinion it wasn’t very significant but it bothered some of my friends.

Flavors we tested:


  1. BBQ


Really nice seasoning that really covers the after taste! In top three for everyone of us.

Average total: 9 / 10

  1. Salt & Vinegar


At first a question: Why don’t we have salt & vinegar flavored chips in Finland? 😀 Great taste, vinegar dominates the salt – that was good thing for those of us who love it but if you don’t like vinegar you should try some of the other flavors. There wasn’t very much after taste because of strong vinegar flavor.

Average total 8 / 10

  1. Sour Cream & Onion


Real sour cream & onion taste, nice and strong. Has strongest after taste and most powdery texture. However this was favorite for one of us who really loves sour cream & onion seasoning.

Average total 7,5 / 10

  1. Cheddar & Sour Cream


Very cheddary! Has pretty strong after taste. If you’re huge fan of cheese in chips you would love these.

Average total 6 / 10

You can read my previous post about Quest Nutrition from HERE (CLICK!)


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