Last Weekend: Sophisticated Activities and Studying

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Weekend 20th – 22nd of February was very nice! On Saturday we took photos of me with my friend for my photography class. Also my friend invited me to painting & wine night that was in ONU In – that’s a campus hotel here. We also tried to go out with my friend but the place did not accept passports. Quite weird, we should have had Finnish drivers licenses instead. Well, maybe it was a good thing because I had a lot of things to do and study on Sunday. I actually spent about whole day by doing my homework, studying to next week’s midterm exams and quizzes and editing photos for photography class assignment.


Painting night was very nice! There was a painting artist Marilyn Reed from Marilyn’s Artistry teaching us couple different techniques. We were painting canvas (about 17×14 inches) with aquarelles. Our theme was tulips. The artist gave us some tips but we all created a little different painting. It was very nice to see how differently same theme can be painted! Mine was pretty realistic and delicate. Another Finnish girl that was there with me created a lot more abstract one. 😀


To be honest wine is not my favorite thing in world but I got a pleasant surprise when the waiter guy told me that they also have champagne. 🙂 Champagne, piano music and painting with an artist. Quite sophisticated. 😀

Ps. It’s super weird to be “modeling” if you’re always the one behind camera! We have an assignment called “self-portrait” that means I have to be in a photo and that photo should be creative and tell a story about me. Huh, not the easiest thing! Moreover we had just a week to do that. I think we got some good photos though; I just have to edit them and pick up the best ones for evaluation. I think I’ll post some of them here in some point.


Ahaha, beautiful me.  The moment when you should take a nice shot and a decide to look as crazy as you can. Not so sophisticated! 😀

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