What a Wonderful Morning!

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Today has begun great! I had healthcare management class and we were “building hospitals” not very useful but perfectly brainless thing to do at 8am. I had to take some photos because this is something you never do in Finnish university. 😉 We used like 20 minutes by watching video of building lego hospital, 20 minutes by doing our own ones and only 30 minutes was actually studying. Haha.

DreamerAchieverBuildingHospitalFeb19th2015 DreamerAchieverBuiltHospitalFeb19th2015

Our teacher gave us 2 paper sheet, 2 pieces of chewing gum and two bandaids to build a hospital. I can imagine that they could have something like this in American job interviews for engineer or so. Do they? 😀


After that class I went to NoM, university’s café to buy a latte an study some epidemiology because I have quiz next week and midterm in two weeks.  Hot Skinny Vanilla latte, nice café and iPad. ❤

During my studies I checked my ONU email and realized that I’ve some package to pick up in mail services. And look what I got! Last Friday (3 business days ago) I ordered business cards, notebooks and business card magnets for my blog and here they are. I’m totally in love! Pretty pink but so nice. 🙂 Maybe I’ll do some less pink versions in some point but now I’m really happy with these. And oh, I almost forgot that I also got a letter from Australia that included suturing needles that I ordered via Ebay. Soon I can have my own banana clinic here. 🙂


Have you ever ordered products with your blog brand?

After getting my package I dropped it to my room and went to Mac to have a lunch sandwich. Now it’s 1pm I’m in library doing my blog, printing evaluation sheet for today’s Quest tasting and waiting my dance class to begin in half an hour. All my muscles are super sore because Tuesday’s dance class and gym and yesterday’s Zumba. I fell totally in love with Zumba again! I tried it about an year ago in Finland for the first time I already had forgotten how efficient and fun a group fitness workout can be. If you ever have a possibility to try it – do it! 🙂

Ps. I’ll got new acrylic nails tomorrow here in Ada!

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