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I’m very picky what comes to protein bars. I’ve tasted dozens of protein bars but there are only three bar brands I actually like a lot what comes to taste, texture and nutritional facts. One of those three is Quest Nutrition. Their bars include around 160-210 calories per bar and about 20 grams of protein in one and only one gram of sugar.


However the best thing of those bars is the variety of taste options. Is there any other brand that offers you more than 20 options? I have tasted yet about 7 different flavors and they all have been something between good and perfect. My favorites so far are Apple Pie and Cinnamon Roll. Don’t sound like protein bar flavors, right? Well, they look, taste and feel like everything but healthy food. So they are just like every sports supplements should be – so tasty that you don’t want anything unhealthy and so healthy you can use them as a snack when you’re travelling or too busy to cook.

Quest Nutrition also produces protein powders, protein chips, cravings, pastas and Quest Crew clothes. They all are low sugar, low carb and high protein products. I haven’t yet tasted them but I will soon taste one of the powders and chips because…

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I asked Quest Nutrition if they could send me bar samples and maybe some protein for a review. I promised to do one review post of their products for that. They really surprised me with sending me 17 different flavored bars, one huge vanilla flavored protein powder container and 8 bags of their protein chips. I decided to thank them by doing this extra post about them. I will do reviews of those products in two weeks. I’ve asked my friends to do tasting and evaluation with me. So, excited! 🙂


Ps. Quest Nutrition also offers recipes in which you can use their products! Have you ever imagined that you could do coconut scrimps with protein bars or low carb carrot cupcakes by using protein powder? Cooking ideas of protein bars totally surprised me!


Pps. You order Quest Products in US via their own website, in Finland I’ve ordered them from Fitnesstukku. They are also sold in sports nutrition stores in bigger grocery stores in big cities like New York, Chicago and Helsinki. Feel free to ask me further information. 🙂

Ppps. All posts about Quest will be found under tag “Quest Nutrition”, all review will also be in category “Reviews” and all my sponsored post will be found in category “sponsored”.


Have you tried Quest Products? Which one is your favorite?


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