Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Super creative I’m three years old again Photoshop card 😀

Today is Valentine’s Day, Saturday 14th. The day after Friday 13th. Saturday 14th have always been my unlucky day. When I was 12 my mom washed my phone in washing machine, couple years after my shel fall and all the items broke. After that I’ve had couple bad news, cooking fails and all little bad things on Saturday that are after Friday 13th.

At least found something fun for your today: Ford made fun Valentine’s Day surprise for guys. They put guys speed date a woman with awesome Ford Mustang. The woman told that she don’t know how to drive (she was professional stunt driver), faces of the guys are worth of seeing! 😀

What to do at Valentine’s day with a friend?

  • Cook together
  • Make cards
  • Quest blog to each others blogs
  • Watch a movie
  • Call a friend you haven’t seen for a while – or a wild and visit her / him
  • Go skiing
  • Make collages of old photos of you
  • Watch funny videos and wear pajamas for whole day
  • Have a party
  • Read old diaries from childhood
  • Visit your favorite café or restaurant
  • Try drawing each others without watching the paper (so much fun!)
  • Teach crazy skills to each others – standing on your hands? Moving your ears?
  • Go somewhere you have never been
  • Do plans a Spring Break or Summer Holiday trip together
  • Share your favorite blogs and find new favorites
  • Go to some Valentine’s Day event

Today I’ll try to cook Finnish filled buns called “laskiaispulla” with my Finnish friend here in Ada. Let’s see what happens. 😀 Maybe the fact that today is Valentine’s Day make this Saturday 14th a little more fun and lucky?

What you’re going to do with your friends today?


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