Exchange Week 6 – Weird American Foods and Everyday Life

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Photography course. I’m in love. Our first assignment was portrait. The deadline for this is next Monday so last weekend I finished all the editing of my photos and during this week I have just done my contact sheet and printed it and couple photos and. The photo in this post is about cutting the photos to their actual shapes. I printed them to standard 8,5”x11” US paper but the ones going to evaluation should be about 5”x7”. DreamerAchieverPhotoCutting12Feb2015 Now I just should choose which ones I’m going to review for a feedback and evaluation. I printed nine pictures and I just love about all of them. 😀 They all are so different that’s it’s hard to choose just two. I think I’ll write own post(s) about these photos and process behind them if it’s okay to my friend who was my model. 🙂 DreamerAchieverSandwich12Feb2015 Sandwich from university’s cafeteria. Fact that makes this worth of publishing is that it’s made with Jewish rye bread. Finnish readers: do you see rye bread here? 😀 DreamerAchieverLibrary13Feb2015 DreamerAchieverLibraryMe13Feb2015 Libraries, I love libraries wherever I go. I spent couple hours doing my blog there on Friday. I like to write in silent places where is lots of light and windows so I kind of feel that I don’t have to hurry and I have space to my thoughts. If I’m writing in more noisy places like in cafés, airports or busses I always listen some relaxing music. Some people do yoga to relax, I write (and sometimes do yoga). 🙂 DreamerAchieverMac&CheesePizza Food, more food! Just because in US and Midwest it’s all about food I want to share you more food pics! 😀 On Thursday I went to university’s dinning hall for a lunch and couldn’t believe my eyes: Mac&Cheese Pizza. Mac&Cheese PIZZA. Excuse me? 😀 Fortunately there was others options too. Actually now I think I should have tried to tell you guys is it as awkward as it seems but maybe next time. However here is photo of it for you (just to make sure you believe that they actually served it. Once more: Mac&Cheese Pizza. Oh my… I though I had already seen all nasty food filled with fatty cheddar and white flour. Is there something else I should know?) DreamerAchieverNYCcardfailFeb2015 And one sad thing. Look at this. Little fail with my NYC cards. I haven’t still sent them because I lost them. Well, yesterday I found them from the bag of my mac in this condition… Ooops! Fortunately I’m quite sure I’ll go back to the city after my exchange so I buy new ones… DreamerAchieverQuestBoxTeaser13Feb2015 Ps. Little teaser: I got huuuge box from Quest Nutrition yesterday so I’ll publish review(s) about their products in two weeks. I got a lot of products and recipes so there might be couple of posts. 😀 So exited! I’ve tasted many of their bars during last year and I’m already totally in love with their taste and nutritional facts. Definitely in my protein bar top 3! Now I’ve possibility to compare the products with my friends and write to you about them. Those will be the first sponsored posts with this blog. Btw friends from Ada feel free to contact or message me if you want to take part to tasting and reviewing! 🙂


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