13 Moments You Need To Have In New York City

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Traffic at day: check

Subway: check

Museum of Natural History: To Do!

Laying on grass at the Central Park: To Do!

Station: To Do!

Yellow Cab: Check

Library: To Do!

Snack: Check

Bar: To Do!

Brooklyn Bridge: To Do!

Huge Buildings: Check

Times Square: Check

Sleep after long day: Check


My favorite moments in New York were “I made it!” moments after finding places and after dance classes. I loved the atmosphere and all the people. City, could you please take me back? I miss the moments I spend in Starbucks watching the rain, I miss healthy eating out choices, I miss wonderful salesperson from one of many GNC, I miss the fact that I made friends in pole dancing school in a week.


What are you’re favorite NYC moments? Or what you would like to explore there?

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