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In scale of Finland my teeth have always been quite fine. I’ve actually always had 2nd whitest tooth bone of scale of Finnish dentists (they have like ten to fifteen steps?). But here in States I look like granny who has smoked for 40 years what comes to my teeth. 😀 I’ve been thinking tooth whitening but it would be quite radical and expensive. RembrandtWhiteningToothpaste So I asked my American friends their secret to white teeth. One of them was whitening toothpaste. I bought one that my friends are using (the most expensive one from Walmart, 5,97USD for one toothpaste). Before I have used whitening chewing gum here and some cheap whitening toothpaste in Finland but they have make no difference to the color of my tooth. I think in this point you’re ready to hear did this toothpaste any difference. In my opinion it made my tooth bone color more equal. Before I had more white areas and more yellow areas but the paste made those yellow ones lighter. I’ve now used that new paste for ten days and it’s still making my teeth little whiter everyday. They are not perfect but I’m happy – I almost look like I’ve got a teeth whitening. 🙂 TeethBefore2 Before TeethDay1 kopio After one brushing with new paste TeethAfter10days kopio After 10 days brushing 1-2 times a day with the new paste

I’ll definitely carry on using Rembrant whitening toothpaste. My tooth is however quite good now so maybe I’ll use that once and regular one once a day. I’m still curious to try other options and other pastes because I would like to get even whiter color. And oh, the goal was American smile, not American grin – thus here are couple smiles after 10 days of using new paste: AlmoustAmericanSmile kopio kopio AlmoustAmericanSmile2 kopio kopio

What you have done to get whiter smile? Have it worked?


  1. I second the Crest whitening strips. I use the ‘professional effects’ kind and that’s really my favorite. It works like a charm and one package lasts for a long time, as it has multiple ‘treatments’ 🙂 Definitely worth a try. I do recommend not brushing your teeth right before using them, and using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth for a few days after you use them, as your teeth may feel more sensitive (especially with cold drinks etc.).

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