Tuesday Feb 10th

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After having a crazy busy Monday (Click here to read about Monday) I wanted to sleep and slow down as soon as possible. Trying to live in non-native language environment when you’re tired can sometimes be super challenging. In those days I sometimes try to avoid speaking too much on public like on classes because I just say super weird things (or am ten times like what???). Of course that happens sometimes in Finland too but still.

2015Feb10BreakfastDreamerAchiever 2015Feb10EggsDreamerAchiever

On Tuesday morning I woke up before 7am after sleeping 4.5 hours. I went to breakfast and tried to woke up before my 8am management class. I grapped half a dozen of eggs and ate just the whites (yeah, protein! Usually we have just stuff like crumpled eggs and fatty sausages as a protein source) I also took huge mug of my favorite soda combination. That might sound weird but Diet Mountain Dew, Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper taste super good together! 😀 I don’t like soda too much but caffeine of coke and pepper helps me wake up.


After management class I went to library to finnish and print the dance critique that I was writing all night (how many grammar mistakes you can have in seven pages?) Fortunately that took only like hour and half to finnish it. However the printing took extra half an hour. I really hate how slow PCs in universities always are. Or actually, how slow the log in process with them is. I’m too used to this one second and I’m in MacBook. 😀


After finally finishing the paper I went to gym to do too hard exercise. Well, it ended up to leg workout that included trying my maximums in deadlift. And I had my dance class only three hours after that. I was little worried that my technique will suck (more than usually) but I made it one of my best classes so far and surprised myself. I was supposed to go some IT help desk office at the evening (my computer doesn’t connect to university’s wireless hard disk so I’m unable to get any notes of one class) but I was just ready to eat, shower and sleep that I decided to do it some other day.

2015Feb10SaladDreamerAchiever Sandwich2015Feb10DreamerAchiever


Foooood! I’ve been eating like a little pig today, haha 😀

The rest of the day I was just planning next summer, listening music from Youtube and doing some not too hard things like reading blogs with my computer. Being tired and trying to do something difficult is just not a good combination. However I’m tired I always do everything I have scheduled to day (like workout and blogging) but I try to make my schedule looser when I know I’ll be tired.

I don’t stop even when I’m tired because like Britney signs if you want to success or reach something, you have to work to achieve it! My philosophy is that I do something to move forward everyday. More or less but something. 🙂 Have a great day!


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