Midnight Motivation Music & Monday 9th

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Oh wow, what a day! I’ve been on the go from 8am until 10pm and I’m still working on my school paper. You should not leave them to last night, just saying.



Good Morning World 8am 🙂



I had one empty hour in my schedule so I did some exercise from 10am to 11am. 🙂


Today had my third presentation in States (second individual presentation). That was about botulism and I was super nervous because the teacher of that course never understands what I’m trying to say (my accent is not that bad but we just don’t have a connection) and because of the first class I’ve been feeling that everybody hates me. I was just honest when the teacher asked us to tell our future plans. I said that I’ll be plastic surgeon and healthcare manager. And I was wearing heels and Hilfiger. Other said they will researcher or teachers and they wore… well, midwestern clothes. 😀

Today’s presentation was however a big success and even the teacher smiled me so I think people are finally realizing that I am a hardworking student who just had different kind of dreams. 🙂


I was a little worried because of the presentation. Not only because I felt I wasn’t the favorite student but also because I took a risk by making my poster more eye-cashing than informative. 😀 I love it and I’m happy that others liked it too.


Chinese wok cooked for you in university’s restaurant. How cool is that? You can just choose what you want they’ll cook it to you in like 2 minutes. Pure love! Mine had too much soya sauce today but maybe that issue can be fixed next time. 🙂

After that presentation I had my photography class, dinner, writing school paper, meeting for the volunteering thing on spring break (OMG three weeks left!) and badminton hour.


At the moment it’s midnight and I’m still working on my dance critique that’s a reflective paper about a choreographers’ showcase I went about a week ago. The paper should cover dance critique and bibliographies of two visiting choreographers. Last couple days I have given a lot of effort to my photography class and international management so I just haven’t had enough time for all. So I’m doing it now. Tomorrow I’ll woke up 6.56. Today I’ll be awake maybe until 2am. So, I’ll sleep under 5 hours. I know it’s not enough and I could not do this everyday. However I have loved today a lot and when I felt a little desperate with this paper Youtube started to play maybe most motivating song in the world. Now I’m happy again and keep going. I’m so grateful that I have got the opportunity to be here. ❤


“And the World’s Gonna Know Your Name,

And You’ll Be on the Walls in the Hall of Fame”


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