Weekend 3 in Ada Ohio – Sick Me Weekend

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I told you before that I got the stomach flu (Link to previous post). I was sick whole weekend and I’m still not totally okay. Now I only have headache left but during weekend I was about unable to eat, I had some fever and felt quite horrible. However it was quite nice sleep a lot. 😀

So what sick me did during weekend? Most of the time I was either sleeping or laying in my bed and watching surgery videos – it’s awesome how much documentaries and even actual surgeries you can find via Youtube! During last couple years I’ve practiced suturing, learned about different techniques to care wounds, heard million stories about plastic surgery, etc. In case some you my dear readers don’t know, I’m medical student and I’ve been thinking to specialize to plastic surgery for quite many years.


Of course I had to eat so I walked to my university’s dining hall twice a day to grap some not so healthy food that I thought I could maybe eat (If I’m able to eat very little I try to eat high energy stuff so I would not feel so week and tired). Otherwise I stayed inside until yesterday when I had to go and watch a dance performance because I have to write an essay of it to my dance teacher. That performance was awesome! It included seven different dances that told one story of life. It’s superb that we have own big theater (500 seats in main hall) in campus (it’s like 300ft / 100m from my apartment) – how cool is that? I’m in love!


Lobby of our Freed Center for the Performing Arts

Moreover I had to do some studying after that because 1. I had to read one chapter for international management’s today’s class, 2. I had to write some notes about the dance performance, 3. I have to quizzes this week: today is photography quiz1 and tomorrow will be healthcare management quiz1. Plus I was reading surgery textbook in Finnish just for fun. I found that book very interesting and I’m really looking forward to actually having it as a course textbook next spring! 🙂 Yesterday I however downloaded some other surgery book to my computer cause my biggest interest is plastic and facial surgery and in that Finnish book there is not too many words about those.


Quite American breakfast. 😀 Blueberry bagel, oatmeal with Herley’s dark chocolate drops, banana and milk. … Nice try to eat all these.

Ps. All morning classes on today (Monday) are cancelled because of cold, windy and slippery weather. 😀 Normal winter day in my opinion.

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