What Happens When You’re Sick University Student in US?

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Here in most of the courses you get some points of being in classes (for example you can get 60 points of 500 to taking part). So usually we have to be there. If you’re really sick you can skip classes with a form from student health services or family doctor but you still are not allowed to skip quizzes, exams, presentation and other important things.

Only two acceptable reasons to skip those are:

  1. Serious illness or bad accident
  2. University’s activities (like playing college football or having a biology seminar presentation)


In Finland I always drink some orange juice / soda when I’m sick. I found some orange soda called “Fruitwater” here and they are proud that there is no juice in it. In Finland there would be huge ad that there is real orange.

In my university there have been stomach flu outbreak going on last couple weeks. During this week everyone seemed to get better and I thought I’m lucky because I never got it. Well, I went to bed Wednesday feeling a little odd but for me it’s quite common if I have had long day with a lot of things to do. On Wednesday I had 4 classes from 9am to 5.30pm and after that I had a meeting because we had to finish our group presentation with two other guys to Thursdays class.

When I woke up Thursday morning all my muscles hurt, I had headache, I was cold, my stomach was not feeling well either. I woke up 7.50 to have time for breakfast, etc before class but I just lay in my bed and tried to drink or eat something. I somehow make myself feel okay instead of dying so I decided I can hop in my heels as I was planned (in here students really want to impress with their presentations, like guys have their suits on). I walked to university with huge zebra striped sheet in my bag.

The presentation went quite okay however I didn’t feel well at all. After that class I walked back to my apartment and slept two hours before I had to go another class. At least my dance class was cancelled today, I’m not sure would I’ve been able to do that.


Sick Nora USA edition: huge amount of everything to go from university’s dinning hall. What I actually ate for lunch: chicken burger, 4 chocolate chip cookies, ½ of raw banana, 1 cracker and 2 beans. And that was about all I ate on Thursday. 😛

How this work in another countries / schools?

… In Finland you can usually skip an redo exams and reschedule presentations

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