Weekend 3 in ONU

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Studying, snow (noooo!), take away from the dining hall of university and problem called “How to Clean Your Pole Without Antiseptics?”


Nice weather, huh?


Fighting my way trough horrible snowy and windy weather. Dislike.

Problem of a weekend: super slippery pole and no antiseptics to clean it. Water did not help and I realized I either have to quit until I can by them or I have to figure out something else. Last one is how I do, I do it my way, á la Nora. Btw I used to have cooking and baking blog in Finnish, it was named “Leivontaa ja Ruokaa á la Nora” that means cooking and baking in Nora’s way. There was an inside joke about me doing everything in my own recipe – same thing with this my slippery pole.

The first thing that came in my mind was stealing my roommate’s liquor but I didn’t want to be mean roomie so I decided to use something else. Nail polish remover? No, it might harm the surface of my pole. What includes alcohol and every girl it? Perfumes! So, I’m sorry my VS Coconut Passion but I had to. 😀 And it worked! And additionally my room smells really nice now.


My solution 🙂

Ps. Is so cool that you can get your meal plan meals as a takeaways if you’re super busy (or find your way to the dinning hall in last minute like me today)


So you can get take away dinner + couple fruits for snacks (above) instead of sit down for dinner (below). Our university meal looks quite nice, doesn’t it? 🙂


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