Are we Human? Or are We Dancers?

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“If we can move, we can dance”

“If we can speak, we can sing”

“You’re not good, but you might be”

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How about some Jazz? 🙂

I never ever could imagine how much I could actually love dancing before I came in States. It’s all about attitude, it’s about great teacher – or actually they are not just teachers, they are great leaders of the class (or at least they should be). We had a visiting dance teacher – Thom Cobb, the president of the National Dance Education Organization teaching us master level classes of modern dance and vintage jazz. Oh wow, if you ever have possibility to dance in his classes, take it! He is the person that really makes you feel the flow in dance.

For all current and future exchange students in this country: if you like dancing even a bit, try to dance here. Try something new. Love it surprise yourself. After 7 years of yeah, this is kind of fun dancing I actually how realized how fun, challenging and cool it can be at the same time. You can find and lose yourself in the same moment – it’s awesome. You can fly, be someone else, or just be you doing something you never though you could do.

Last year have had huge impact on me. I was born to be the one who doesn’t know how to sing and who messes all ones, twos and fives and who is far away from the split. But believe me, you don’t have to be that one forever.

I began my dancing related hobbies with stuff like aerobic and group fitness. I accidently learned the basics of rhythm. I carried on to cheerleading, show dance, zumba, pole… And during those I have actually learned huge amount of moves, jumps and steps. Then came ballroom that finally taught me to count those ones and twos that I used to hate. I haven’t realized how much knowhow I actually have before I came here.

During the second day of orientation I realized that here is dance department that offers modern, pole, jazz, tap and ballet. I decided to take modern 1. It was full. After couple emails I found myself in modern 2 (and there are only two levels, so that’s the highest) and after couple classes I feel more and more sure that I’m in right place. I’m not the best one and I don’t sometimes understand what we’re supposed to do (all words are totally different in Finnish) but I know that I can deal with that and it’s okay to fail as long as you love it and make better next time.

PS. I want to really learn dance jazz. One more “I never thought” thing… And I am in love. 😀

Do you like dancing? If yes what is your favorite style and why?


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