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I love good deals and saving money while shopping. I also love high quality stuff irrespective of are we talking about food, sports equipment or electronics, you name. How to find quality without paying a million of it? There are thousands of tricks and tips but this time I want to share one that I have used multiple times during last two weeks. It’s called Amazon. And below you can find short guide and my experiences of internet shopping and Amazon.

I order a lot of stuff from Internet and usually I don’t have to return anything. How do I do that? Check my tips below!


Everyone knows that you can shop online but do they do it? Do people trust it? Do you know what size you are or do you like the color? Is the textbook the edition you need? You might think this kind of issues when ordering from the Internet. My best tip to trust big brands and big sellers with good reviews. If the seller has 2000 reviews and 99% of them is positive you can be quite sure that nobody is taking your money and that you’ll get what you ordered.

When shopping clothes, shoes and accessories I usually go to actual shop and try them before ordering anything – of course if you’re using let’s say Nike’s training tops and you have always had size S you’ll be fine without fitting them on. However you can never be too sure how does that specific model and color look in nature – and what’s more important, on you. I recommend fitting clothes before ordering however if you can’t do that returning is (almost) always possible and usually free.

The easiest things to shop via Internet are books. If you ISBN number you can just but that in search field of Amazon or other web shop – you will sure get right edition of right book. If you don’t no ISBN you just have to look for that information little more but especially big sellers usually have all required information – in Amazon it’s even possible to see some pages of book before buying anything. So if your friend has book you need, you can compare it to the one you think to order.

Other easy things to order are stuff you have already tested. I have for example ordered hard drives, calendars (always check how big they are do prevent unpleasant surprises – and don’t mess up with inches and centimeters!), nutritional supplements and foamrollers I had tested and used before ordering.


Above you can see couple examples of stuff I’ve ordered from Amazon. All those were about 190USD (160EUR) but if I would have bought them separately from regular stores they would have been about 260USD so I saved about 25% by ordering them. I need all those anyway so why should I spend more money than necessary (I hate the fact that textbook for my healthcare management course was still about 100USD – seriously for one book? Fortunately the course is awesome and maybe I can sell that book after it)


  1. Make sure that you’re ordering right product

Double-check size, color, edition, etc

  1. Is the seller reliable

Check reviews and ask friends experiences. Usually big sellers with long history are very reliable.

  1. When you’ll get the product

Always check the shipment time!! It’s not one or two times when me or some of my friends have ordered something that you should have before some specific date and after ordering you’ve realized that estimated shipping time is 8 days or so instead of 2 or

  1. How much the shipping costs?

In Amazon it’s usually free or cheap to States but if you order to Europe it might be really expensive. Usually the best idea to order to EU is order in EU and from States is good idea to order from States. By doing that you’ll avoid expensive shipping and tolls.

Amazon usually has good prices, I found it highly reliable and they have a lot of different shipping options. If you’re willing to wait for about a week you can get most of the products shipped free of charge – on the other hand of you need them in two days that’s also possible by paying little extra and using service called Amazon Prime. One nice thing in Amazon is that they have multiple billing possibilities – they accept about all kind of credit and debit card and Paypal to mention couple. Happy shopping!

What do you order from Internet? Do you have some additional tips?

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