Days 20-21: seems like spring is in Ohio!

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On Saturday morning I woke up, look out from the window, double-checked it and yes, almost all the snow was gone. There is still some but at least all the snow from streets was melted and melts more and more everyday! Yeah! I love summer so much that I begin to wait it before it’s even New Year’s Eve. But now it actually feels spring, I just hope that it won’t turn back to cold and snowy weather again. All the locals said so, but I won’t believe before it actually happens. 😉

Days are getting longer and weather is little warmer everyday, I can’t wait warm sunny days when you can go out for a run wearing only shorts and top and go out just to enjoy the nice weather. Picnic season here we come!

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What is your favorite time of the year? Is it Christmas with all the love ones and family, summer with warm weather or something else? Leave a comment!

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