19th Day in States: Martin Luther Kings day = day off in Toledo!

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Toledo is up there and Ada would be just little bit further in south than the lowest end of that map.

On Monday my roommate and her boyfriend went to shopping and they asked me to come with. I don’t know why but I somehow thought that we were going to grocery shopping but we ended up to a flea market called Goodwill and nice shopping mall called Westfield Franklin Park Shopping Mall in Toledo (that’s a bigger city about 65 miles to North from Ada).

IMG_1892 IMG_1896

From the flea market I found a real leather belt and bag in total 4,30 USD.

IMG_1885 IMG_1877

From the mall I found super pretty (business)card case with little under 10USD. This one is from a shop called Francesca’s.

IMG_1831 IMG_1869

Sunglasses for 30USD from JC Penny (I forgot my lovely Prada’s at home 😦 )


…and new pair of Puma sneakers with about 65USD. 🙂

IMG_20150119_143644 IMG_20150119_143639

On our way to Toledo we went to eat some American fast food in Arby’s. I took turkey sandwich meal that was okay. I’m not very much into fast food but in my scale this place is somewhere between McDonald’s (horrible) and Subway (good). So from A to E would give D or C for that place. Service was nice and quick and food was okay but nothing special.

PS. Gas in here was like 1,90USD for a gallon (3,785 liters) = 0,43€ / 1 liter. What is in Finland at the moment? Like four times that?

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