Days 17-18: First free weekend in Ada, Ohio, USA

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Because of Martin Luther King Day we had three day offs in row (from Friday evening to Monday night). Most of the weekend I spent with my homework (couple chapters to read for management and cultural history class, cameras manual for photography and couple summaries of articles for epidemiology). I still have stuff to do, cause here you really get a lot of homework, it’s little bit like in Finnish Upper Secondaries but you have to do more and you can’t use Wikipedia to them. 😀

Saturday’s outfit (Ready Set Pole, free marketing! 😉 ) :

IMG_1769 IMG_20150118_103908 (1) IMG_20150118_104001 (1)

I have also worked a lot with my blog and trying to find new nice blogs to read. If you have or know some blogs I might like feel free to leave me a comment with address and short review. 🙂 I’m interested especially of blogs about living abroad (especially in States), also travel blogs with nice photos and good stories are close to my heart. I also like to read some lifestyle blogs as long as they are not about lifestyle of your pet, motorcycle or favorite actor. 😀 Positive attitude, photos and consistency are however the things I value the most.

IMG_20150117_215238 (1)

What comes to this blog, my goal for January is make it look better (have you noticed nes, bigger photos? 🙂 ) and make it easier for you to find my posts (that means making categorizing more efficient). So during rest of January I think I’m posting about three times a week because of these changes then I’ll go back to at least 4-5 times a week in February. It would be nice to get feedback of my blog! What you would change and what is good as the way it is? More photos? Less text? Smaller photos? Colors? More tips? More my life? American culture? Post about studying? Post about money issues here? You name it! Feel free to comment in either Finnish or English.

Instead of studying all weekend I’ve also exercising in gym, running, pole dancing and stretching. This time I even remembered to take my smartphone with me so I took couple pictures in my university’s Sport Center (I’ll make own post of it in some point). 🙂 It’s pretty big with fitness room, weight lifting room, swimming pool, three basketball fields, indoor running area, swimming pool… I have yet tried only fitness and weightlifting areas.

IMG_20150118_140028 (1)

Ready to go to the Sports Center?

IMG_20150118_145312 (1)

Weightlifting room, quite awesome to be just university’s weightlifting room, isn’t it? 🙂

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