Hotel review: West Side YMCA, Upper Westside, Manhattan, NYC

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In a nutshell: Quite old hotel next to Central Park with only 10 minutes walk to Times Square. Superb location, nice crew, including 24/7 security stuff. Shared bathrooms and toilets and quite old rooms. At least wintertime it’s very cold inside the rooms. In hotel building there are huge gym and two swimming pools for sporty ones.

IMG_20150102_014430 IMG_20150102_014607

Whom? People with intermediate budjet. If the most important thing for you is great location and safe place to sleep this is right place for you. However if you love luxurious life this place can be little shock. After hotels like Hilton this room doesn’t look like a hotel room at all. However it’s clean, safe and quiet at nighttime. That’s all I need.

IMG_20150106_153140 IMG_20150106_153844

If you’re into sports this is very good place to stay! You have enormous gym including fitness equipment, weightlifting stuff, stretching area (their foamrollers saved my day with sore muscles after all the training! 🙂 )… Even daily group fitness classes are included in your stay (I’m a bit sad that I were told about this on my last day). Gym and group fitness, are you happy with these? You don’t have to be! You have also amazing jogging possibilities called Central Park in 1 minutes walk from hotel. Moreover you have two pools and TV if you are more into just watching sports.

I’m not actually sure should this place be called hotel or hostel because they don’t have any room service, minibars, etc. In my opinion that’s not a problem. You can buy all you need from restaurants and shops nearby. This also makes check out easier. You just give your room key back tell your name and leave. Could it be easier?

IMG_20150102_051059 IMG_20150102_051118

Price: It’s New York so it can’t be free or even cheap if you compare it to any other city. However this is definitely one of the cheapest hotels in this kind of location. I booked my stay one month before I arrived and price per night was 99,92€ per night for the first 3 nights and 84,2€ per night for the rest these are prices without tax (like about always in States) so I had to pay also 30,69€ tax, so the total for six nights was 583,20€. This price was for one adult with own room and shared bathroom. If there is more people price per person decreases. For two total is about same but you can share that so you save huge amount of money! That means it’s go good deal to travel in as a pair or a group.

Ps. Free Wi-Fi that’s faster than in Hilton Chicago and works very well! Only issue with this is that it asks password about every 30 hours. That’s not too often I guess it would be nice to be able to the internet without typing the password again and again though (especially ‘cause it’s only huge mess of letters).


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