Day 15: Modern dance, Movies and Medical opportunities

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This was quite different day because instead of just studying and sports it included interesting conversations, movies, new friends and dance course try out.

My every morning begins with management class – either international or healthcare management. This day it began with healthcare management. The lesson was about US healthcare system that was quite interesting for me because it’s quite different than the one in Finland. I’ve also though coming here to work. Thus it’s a good idea to figure out in what kind of system I would work them.

Here teachers have “office hours” when you can just go and talk with them about course and your questions. Students actually are supposed to use those hours if they want show their interest to studied subject. Because of super interesting subject that I’ve trying to Google like trillion times I decided to use todays office hours. I’m happy I did it! We had long and very interesting conversation not only about differences in our healthcare systems but also about medical education in States. I got huge amount of new information!

New things I learned about medical education in States:

  • Usually it’s: premed –> MCAT test –> 4year med (USMLE1 after second year and second step after last on) –> license –> 3year fellowship that includes internships –> last USMLE step –> specialty and maybe subspecialty –> actual work life
  • You not have to take premed, MCAT and your previous experience might be enough
  • Education, licensiation, etc. depends on State, if you’re licensed let’s say in Ohio, you might still have to apply right to work as M.D. in California or Wyoming.
  • Different school have different requirements: you might have had gone true premed or you might have to have volunteering experience
  • Schools don’t usually accept transfer students and some of them don’t accept internationals at all
  • Here they have big final exams during last year instead of many smaller ones
  • First two years you’re studying theory and after third you’re in hospital
  • When you’re studying your senior year you apply into fellowship programs

_MG_1636 _MG_1652

My roommate bring a per fish in our kitchen. I have had all kind of furry pets but not fish, funny buddy. 🙂

I had my first more formal dancing experience. I emailed ONU’s dance minors professor couple days ago if there is any dancing possibilities in campus and one of the teachers promised that I can at least come and try her Modern || course. In the class we did two floor choreographies, on other choreography, jumps and cross-floor stuff. It was little hard to understand all dance vocabulary in English but otherwise the class was even little easier than I thought.

The dance course however surprised me with all that us have to do for that. It’s not dancing twice a week for one. It’s not a fitness center zumba. It’s real studying. It’s university course in States. You have to be in all classes or you’ll grade will decrease, you have to do two long essays (one is about dance show we have to watch and one is about hip injuries and those prevention in dance context), further you have to do written midterm and final exams, two dance move evaluations and dancing final.


I went to movies with international students. I had no idea what movie we’re going to watch when I put my name on the list of people who’s going (free movies with limited amount of seats, so, I’m in 😀 ). The movie was Selma, a historic drama about Martin Luther King and American history. I’m more into comedies. This one included nice to know history fact, violence and drama. I didn’t like that very much but if you like historic dramas, I’m sure you would.

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