USA, day 10, the last day of the orientation

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Today we had the last day of orientation. I finally got my bank account this morning. After that we went to shop essential stuff like laundry detergent, some food, sheets, pillows, etc. to Lima Mall in Lima Ohio and to Meijer’s Lima Ohio. I found gorgeous high heels boots (60USD), Nike’s running shoes (75USD), couple leggings (50USD/3), new nails 50USD (I had a nail accident with my old ones so I had to remove old gel nails and get just gel polish to my own ones).

IMG_20150111_003130 IMG_20150111_003412

These nails are quite short and boring after old ones but at least these are okay and protect my own nail (in one there is I huge fracture that’s bleeding and painful so the nail artist, Wayne, did not want to make me long ones to make sure this poor one can heal for next 2-3 weeks) and then I can get new longer gel or acrylic ones. 🙂

nailsdec2014 IMG_20150110_234510 kopio

Before shopping we went to pretty nice buffet restaurants in Lima. I took couple photos but they told it’s not allowed to publish them anywhere. They looked tasty but no means no, so will only get a funny photo from McDonald’s. This is how Spanish guys use ketchup cups + photo of ONU’s cafeteria’s (NOM) Starbuck cup – skinny vanilla latte. 😀

IMG_20150110_203857 IMG_20150110_102856kllk

Ps. I ordered pole to university today and it should be here in 2 weekdays! 🙂 It’s x-pole x-pert 45mm made from stainless steel. I ordered it from, Pole Fitness Nation with 380USD including tax and shipping. I think I’ll sent that home when I’m done with my exchange. 😀

Pps: I hate the fact that the first weeks in a new place are always super expensive.  I think I won’t buy anything for a while.

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