Savings with NYC pass and Body & Pole traincation deals

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When you should buy NYC pass? Where you can go and how much does it cost? How about pole dancing in NYC? Is it expensive?

I had 5 day New York Pass – a deal including huge amount of attractions and hop on / hop off busses with 229USD, I upgraded one extra day to busses with 25USD, so in total I spend 254USD to all attraction I took. Here you can find a list of all attraction you can take with NYC Pass.

Attraction I took with NYC pass (normal price)

  • Hop on / hop off NYC sightseeing busses all loops 3+1 day pass (124+25$)
  • Madame Tussauds (37$)
  • SoHo-Little Italy Walking tour (35$)
  • Wall Street Walk walking tour (25$)
  • Top of the Rock (29$)

= Total would have normally been 275$, so save in money wasn’t big but possibility to skip lines is superb – especially if you’ve planned to visit attractions afternoon or night (they can be even hours!). Also, the more attractions you take the more you save.

IMG_1007 IMG_20150104_192711

Streetview from hop on hop off bus in downtown New York + one of five dance rooms in Body & Pole

Traincation in Body & Pole was 375$ and I was able to take 13 classes in that time. I was planned to take more but some cramp kind of issue in my left hamstring forced me to cancel couple classes. With this amount of classes traincation was just barely a great deal. Without it I could have had 10 classes for 290$ and three for 102$, total would have been 392$. Traincation includes all pole, aerial and conditioning classes (actually everything else but workshops). All prices and packages, click here!

I recommend you to take that if you stay more than 5 days, really want to spend time with dancing and / or aerials. One good thing is that usually people take more conditioning classes they don’t have to pay for them separately. If you stay under 5 days or want to try different things and studios I recommend other packages instead. For example deal for 5 classes is 155$ with that you can for example have about one class a day during a week.

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