USA, day 9

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Today included campus tour, course registrations, Chinese food, bowling and pizza and party in Brazilians housing. We also got your TOEFL scores today – I was really surprised. I don’t myself fluent or even good in grammar and stuff but I got so high score that I’m able to take what ever courses in American universities, moreover I got highest possible score from writing. Maybe it’s because of blogging and awesome topic? However, I’m happy.

It’s over midnight at the moment so this post will include more photos than text. 😀

IMG_20150109_111944  IMG_20150109_120435 IMG_20150109_120336

Chinese food is my favorite this restaurant was okay what comes to food but they were super slow what comes to preparing our meals.

IMG_20150109_123559 IMG_20150109_152426 IMG_20150109_152455 IMG_20150109_154048

Campus photos from Dicke Hall (economics building) and our bookstore that has everything but books 😀 (it has books too but in the first look it seems like a tourist shop)

IMG_20150109_181348 IMG_20150109_183456IMG_20150109_183413_1 IMG_20150109_181627 IMG_20150109_192621 IMG_20150109_152438

Bowling pics and one that tells you how could and snooowwy it’s in here. Yuk.

IMG_20150109_185153 IMG_20150110_000045

Pizza from bowling place. We had plain cheese (isn’t that weird pizza with just ketchup and cheese? Like a cheese sandwich), pepperoni and hamburger pizzas (hamburger thing includes meat and some vegetables. It’s less salty stuff than pepperoni, even I kinda liked it). Another photo is “Hi, I’m going to the partyyy” -selfie. :D’

Ps. With one of my friends we made a deal that I’ll teach him basics of dancing and he will teach me to drive in States. How cool is that? Super excited! 🙂


  1. Just found your blog and had to add it to my reading list! It’s always interesting to read the experiences of other Finns living in the states. And haha my university’s bookstore looks like that too – the front half is all clothing and caps and other junk, and all the books are at the very back. Not that I go there very often – I have Amazon Prime and buy or rent all my textbooks through there. It’s sooo much cheaper.


    1. That’s true, I’m think I’ll order my books from amazon too. However the bookstore is kind of experience, maybe I have to support it by buying some silly hoodie or so. 😀 Oh, you’re studying in States too? I definitely have to start follow your blog!


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