The first night in Ada

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After arriving I wait couple hours in the airport before university’s shuttle came and picked me and couple other students up. We drove about two hours to get into Ada, Ohio. The first stop was McDonald’s (nothing else was open) and I grapped deluxe meal including burger (without mayo or cheese), diet coke and side salad. Not very good but at least something. You guys should have seen the face of salesperson when I asked to get side salad instead of fries. 😀 Todays total in foods ended up to 3 salads, 1 burger, 3 sodas and 2 apples. Midwestern food culture definitely is not for me.


Everything had gone quite nice and smoothly that something had to go not so good. And that something is arriving into my housing. At first we realized that my roommate had taken my room instead of hers. Next we went to free room and there was a huge mess, the bed was in pieces (!!) and stuff around – definitely unlivable without tools and cleaning. So we decided that I’ll spend one night in internationality coordinators home and they’ll figure out what to do with my housing tomorrow.

At the moment I have nice place to stay in and two cute cats to hang out with – not bad at all! I have to wake up before 7 tomorrow to get into campus but I’m sure I’ll make it. It’s yet midnight but still. After a week without sleeping I can be awake on more day I guess. I’ll write more tomorrow, good night guys!

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