Day 7 in States

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I have now had my wonderful seven days in New York City and it’s time to move on to Ohio. Midwest. Fat people. Huge portions. No dancing studios. I’m trying to calm down myself and take couple deep breaths. I have heard a lot of good things about my further university. And university has a lot of sport activities around.

Irrespective of my love to NYC I had to take my bags, hop in a yellow cab and go to the airport. It was silent in that taxi. I had own silent moment because of living homelike place. Place which I never though I would like. I’m kind of sad I was wrong. Goodbyes are always harder if you like person or place your leaving.

IMG_20150107_161753 IMG_20150107_173813

I flew from NYC to Charlotte, North Carolina. There I ran to my another plane (I had 30 minutes for change but that airport is huge! It would actually have been nice to spend some hours there) to Detroit Michigan. In Detroit I first picked up my baggage. Huge mistake.

After you have entered baggage claim to pick up your luggage you’re not allowed to walk back. In the exit area there was only one bar and one café with hyper unhealthy stuff like cookies and soda. I bought something they called caeser salad. At first sales guy went ask if they any salad ingredients (not the most popular dish here?). Well, I got my salad. It included salad, parmesan cheese and croutons. And I paid ten dollars for that. Uh.

IMG_20150107_152341 IMG_20150107_142604

Snow… :S

At the moment I’m waiting for university shuttle that will pick me up in two hours. Tomorrow I’ll be student in university in US. It’s in Midwest but still, wow.


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