NYC day 6

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I had last Pole & Fabric lessons in Body & Pole for a while. Already missing those! I think I’ll write a review about that heaven on earth kind of studio. ❤ Here is the review now (CLICK)

Otherwise I’ve been roaming around buying some NYC shirts, postcards, etc. Then just roaming around the city, trying not to cry. I wait nothing and got one of my best weeks of my life. It’s so sad to pack my bags, take a taxi and go to Ohio. In 12 hours I’ll be back in Midwest. OMG. At the moment that feels nightmare.

Maybe it’s not but after meeting so many people and realizing that in the Big Apple dreams actually can come true I would just love to stay. Forever. I totally understand people paying 4000USD for tiny apartment. They get a lot more than just the apartment. They reach their dreams. They create themselves. They got all doors open. You just have to choose. It might be the hardest part but if you can pass it and work for that, you can get more – more experiences, more money, more people around, more customers… than anywhere else.

A week ago I wouldn’t ever imagine myself dancing improvised choreography in front of about ten other people watching. I feel super self-confident at the moment. I even inspired to sing while walking back to hotel. I have always loved singing but I’m not super talented what comes to it. When I was about 7 years old I went to your school choirs’s try outs. The feedback was something unforgettable. Since then (about 15 years) I’ve never song in public.

Environment in here has been so enthusiastic and full of positive energy that I’m happier than ever. I don’t say that I’m the best dancer or good singer but at least I’ve now went trough one bad shadow from childhood and I’ve realized how much environment can actually change us.

Never be rude or kill other person’s passion. Especially don’t do that for the little ones. The day when I went to that try out was my first time singing to someone. And I was quite sure it will be one and only, ever. Tell people which thing them should work on and clap your hands for a good try. Be honest, but don’t be mean. Thanks!


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