Day 5 in NYC

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What a beautiful morning!

I begin my 5th day with nice morning walk from Upper Westside to Financial district. On my way there I grapped some salad from wonderful salad bar of Whole Foods (I’m totally in love with that chain – they have tasty fresh food and in New York City they have those tasty salad bars too! Yummy!

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After Whole Foods I wanted to grap some healthy snack for the rest of the day, so I went to GNC. There are almost as many GNCs than Starbucks cafeterias in NYC. GNC is all about sports nutrition like protein powders, protein bars, vitamins, etc.

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I guess you’re now thinking that crazy just had a nice walk Wall St and back? I actually had a reason called Wall St Walks, walking tour around financial district. It was a little disappointment mostly because of horrible freezing weather but the guide or tour itself wasn’t super special either. I like to see passion and enthusiasm when someone is telling his or hers favorite district I would also have liked stories and little entertainment kind a thing that Americans usually use to make this kind a things more interesting. However the tour took only an hour and was free with NYC pass. If your very interested in history you might like this tour though.

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Financial District

I decided to go to Museum of Finance after tour but I had chosen wrong day to do that – Museum of Finance is closed on Mondays. I turned extra time to Starbucks skinny vanilla latte (should I try something else? I’m just always drinking those in States) and shopping in SoHo. You can find SoHo area simply walking to Broadway almost until it’s South end. SoHo is one of top three shopping areas in NYC, it’s trendy, it’s quite cheap and there are mostly locals shopping so it’s not as crowded as f.ex. Macy’s and shops in Time Square. I found Polo’s sales and couple little things from there.

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Shopping! Tip: if you want some tourist kind a stuff you can get it (as everything else) with better price from SoHo than Midtown!

After SoHo I walked back to midtown, roamed around Macy’s and found wonderful restaurant in Macy’s called “Just Salad”, tasty salads and wraps including only fresh stuff, made for you for under 10USD. Dishes are huge but include still 300 to 600 calories.

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Tip: you can find huge amount of coupons from shopping and attractions inside Madame Tussaunds!

After Macy’s I had no idea what to do. I just started roam around and accidently found myself in Madame Tussaunds wax museum. Fun and creepy, haha. 😀 Last activity for that day was flexibility in Body & Pole.


At the end of the day I went to lovely grocery store called Fairway and grapped some quite healthy stuff to eat. I was thinking about some chicken salad thing but those were sold out so I decided to take some salmon and roasted vegetables + some fruits, yoghurt and nuts for next days breakfast. Last summer I ate fish in States three times in and got food poisoning every time. I don’t know did that happen because of Midwest, hot weather or just bad luck but it happened though. At the moment (after 10 hours from fishmeal) I feel good so, so far so good. _)

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