4th day in NYC

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I went to bed 10pm last nigh and woke 4am. That’s pretty much compared to days before.

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Upper loop bus tour with awesome guide (African American guy from Harlem filled with funny jokes and interesting up to date facts)! Tour was very interesting with some history of the area, stories about famous people living around, todays problems in area (and no I’m not talking about crime issues that were there decades ago I’m talking f.ex. about Columbia University buying all the land in Harlem area and super high rents (like 10,000$ per moth in Upper Westside and even higher one in East)), restaurant and attraction reviews. I definitely recommend to take Upper Loop tour! It takes about 2 hours but it’s totally worth it!

IMG_20150104_192941 IMG_20150104_210635

Pole people from Finland (me & Oona Kivelä aka OonaK)

I took pole 3, Flexibility and Introduction to fabric lessons in Body & Pole. In pole 3 I was quite shocked. In Kuopio (Finland) 3 is more like basics of shouldermount, putting spins together some back goes first thing and single moves that begin from invert. It’s quite easy stuff for me. Put here it’s like super high level dancing stuff with pole (or at least it was all new and different for me). For example we had spin à invert from the air à butterfly à open butterfly à iron x à down combination in pole 3. Oh wow. Any of those girls are super amazing. After that we did same with spinny pole (or the others did and I tried not to panic with that spinning thing 😀 In Finland I’ve tried spin like once).


In flex there are bit different movements but it’s still about the same. One good idea in it though – foam tiles that you can use for finding a balance. I have never tried fabric so I cannot compare it to any other places. However it’s so awesome that with it you can invert, hang upside down and do all cool things in the very first lesson. I fell totally in love with fabric!

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Top of the Rock was my next thing to do. With NYC pass (about 220$ for 5 days) I was able to skip first of the lines. You still should be repaired to wait in line to… 1. Get the actual ticket, 2. Get in an elevator, 3. Go trough the security check (no knives or open food), 4. Get in another elevator and finally you are up there and ready for city views and photos! It took about 1 hour to find my way up with all the waiting. It was about 7pm on Sunday night. An hour wasn’t too bad; I have heard that lines to Empire State Building can be more than double that. From Top of the Rock the view was pretty awesome, moreover it was on my way from Body & Pole to hotel, yeah!

IMG_20150104_182032 IMG_20150104_181034

Two Brothers (6th Ave, 33? St) 1-2USD per slice, fresh delicious pizza!

IMG_20150105_003600 IMG_20150105_003606

797 Gourmet Food Corp 797 6th Ave. Warmed pizza and other foods. Okay but definite not worth of money.

What comes to food, today I had a pizza day. NYC is famous of its pizzas. Slices are sold in about every second corner (still here is more Starbucks’s cafés than pizzerias, New Yorkers just love that chain, especially their coffees). I began pizza hunting too early. City is famous of 24/7 culture but if you don’t want to eat pizza in Subway kind of chain restaurant you can’t find pizza before 11am (or at least I couldn’t). To make sure you don’t think I’m only eating pizza: I always ate protein bars, low fat, low sugar yoghurts and fruits between my lessons. I also like stuff like salads, nuts, etc. I actually haven’t had any pizza after last September.


Ps. If you want to shop without huge amount of tourist around try Manhattan Mall on 6th Ave!

IMG_20150104_171323 IMG_20150103_165433

Pss. McDonalds, do someone really eat 50 nuggets? McMuffin? 😀

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