3rd day in NYC

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Oh, jet lag wake ups. 3.40am: good morning world! Well, at least I have 20 hours to live instead of 15. New York really is city that never sleeps – even Apple Store in 5th Ave is 24/7 so maybe my body just feels that it’s not permitted to sleep more? 😀

IMG_20150103_151450 IMG_20150103_151700

5th Avenue Apple Store and Personal Training section in it. 😀

IMG_20150103_183830 IMG_20150103_181646

On Stage Dance Wear

I was very tired and busy today. Morning started with roaming around central park, 5th Avenue and Macy´s. I also visited Awesome On Stage Dance Wear and bought new shoes for ballroom dancing and leggings for pole. 🙂

IMG_20150103_172643 IMG_20150103_172651

Macy’s (ready for Christmas 2015?)

IMG_20150103_151423 IMG_20150103_152550 IMG_20150103_152723

5th Ave and tiny little Trump Tower 😀

At the noon and evening I had 2 pole lessons (pole2 and finding your freestyle) and 1 flexibility lesson. I’m so in love with pole lifestyle! Beautiful, good exercise and fun – and this school is something superb. Pole dancing in here is more about continuum, more dance, more freestyle, more showstyle, more American. Bit tricky for first timer from quite different pole culture but super fun! In Finland it’s more about power and most of the time we just do spin or couple per class instead of ten of them and mixing then all together.

In all classes here I have seen huge different in teaching style. Wait less, do more, have fun, do it controlled and look good. I think this is quite typical to American culture – there is a lot of everything everywhere and to make sure people don’t get bored everything changes all the time. It’s kind of cool – you can see and do a lot in a short amount of time but at the same time it doesn’t give you time to think and relax. Maybe NYC more about doing as much as you can instead of relaxing but still, it would be quite stressful to live like this all the time. Maybe I would begin yoga or something if I would live here. 😀

If you love pole dancing and visit New York this is definitely right place for you! You can find all kind of classes from strengthening conditioning via all levels at pole to super fun freestyle classes (every Finnish people: you have to try freestyle it’s something we don’t have in Finland and it’s so fun! I felt quite shy first but the teacher is amazing and so do all dancers here. New York ❤ ). Even Oona Kivelä (Finland’s best pole dancer, in case you don’t know her) is training here in Body & Pole at the moment!

After three hours on pole I was starving. I began to walk home via 8th Avenue that’s also known as a restaurant avenue – it’s full of all kind of restaurants: pizza, Chinese, healthy, soups, bbq… I found myself in Chinese restaurant named Chef Yu (it’s located in Northeast corner of 8th Ave’s and 36th St). I took little wonton soup and sweet&sour chicken. Soup was most delicious wonton I’ve ever had even though I have eaten in made Chinese restaurants around the world. Chicken dish looked super fresh and tasty. However it was too big for one woman and there was too much sauce in my opinion. Sauce was also little too sweet. However all vegetables were cooked perfectly and I would give B+ (or 8 in Finnish system) to that.

IMG_20150104_023224 IMG_20150104_021120

Sweet and Sour Chicken + drink menu for their Happy Hour, I took just water so I can’t write anything about quality of drinks but at least prices seem quite good

My total was 15.15 USD + tip. Most of the dishes are 10-15USD + tip and entrees are around 2-6USD. This restaurant has a lot of options – also for vegetarians.

After eating I walked my way trough rainy New York to my hotel. I was too tired to do anything but sleep. Jetlag keeps going with 4am wake ups. At least I slept 20 minutes longer than day before. 🙂

Ps. If you want something fresh and healthy, try one of Pret A Magers! I had falafel wrap with water and took some almonds and fruits to take with for a snack.

IMG_20150103_162450 IMG_20150103_164545 IMG_20150103_163758 IMG_20150103_164059

Pss. There are sales in Manhattan Mall’s VS! 😉 I found new favorite VS fragrance, it’s called VS Coconut Passion

IMG_20150103_165945 IMG_20150103_171329

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