2nd day in NYC

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Yellow cabs everywhere, all the time – just like in movies!

I really can’t believe that I have really been two days in New York and it’s so much different – in a good way, than I thought! I have some how always though that New Yorkers are not too friendly but far too busy, that it’s trash around slums hidden behind every corner. I’m happy to tell you I’ve been totally wrong!

Most of people have been super helpful and friendly. Yeah, some of them are very busy but still they always have time to help you read the map or buy a metro ticket. Moreover the city is not dangerous or filled with slums as long as you use your common sense – look like you know where your going, don’t look “stupid and rich” (like don’t leave your Louis Vuitton back alone and took photos with super expensive camera).

Out there in the city people help you and are basic nice but I think the best thing during my second day where people in Body&Pole – everyone had so much fun and talked and smiled to each others and even to me even though my English isn’t perfect. 🙂 I’ll definitely try to learn how to train and when I next time have possibility I’ll come back to this place. I haven’t taken any pole classis yet but I have a feeling that they’ll be great!

image_1 image

Introduction to hoop – I was able to do this after 90 minutes :O

I took three classes (invertable 1, intro to fabric, intro to hoop) and in every class the teachers were super fun and made us do good exercises (I was actually surprised that in Finland we – or at least I’m not training as hard as it’s possible. Invertable class was super tough one. That class is all about controlling your power and strengthening your body. It might not look cool but it allows you to do cool things in future. Yeah!

4am I woke up, thanks for jetlag. I blogged and hanged out with computer, etc.

7.30am I walked to Gray Line New York to get my 7 days New York Pass with 3 days hop-on/hop-off busses. I had prepaid the card with my credit card via internet so I though I just has to pick it up. However I had to pay a little more. If your taking the card with hop ons they’ll ask you do you want to make yourself VIP. If yes, you pay extra 25$ and you are always the first that goes in to bus (you can skip all lines with just showing the VIP-card!) and you have more bus options.

Without VIP you can only use blue sightseen busses – they are driving every 30 minutes, the guidance comes from tape and you can only sit on top of the bus. Whereas if you take VIP you have busses going in every 15 minutes (you can use blue and red ones) and you can use busses with live guide and possibility to sit inside (red ones are double-deckers)

8 Hop on downtown loop bus tour!

8-10 tour, I jump out in East Village, grapped Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte (ah, my love I’ve been missing you last couple of months! ❤ ) to warm up a bit. You really should have warm clothes on in NYC’s winter!

10-12 I walked from East Village to the border of SoHo and West Village (to the corner of 6th Ave and Spring St) where my Soho-Little Italy-Chinatown walk tour began.

IMG_1162 IMG_1151

SoHo (= South of Houston Street)

12-2pm Soho-Little Italy-Chinatown walk tour (totally free with NYC pass!). The tour was awesome and I really recommend it – especially our guide was amazingly fun and had interesting stories. These are areas where I might not go alone but still they are pretty interesting and especially unique.

SoHo is one of the best shopping districts in NYC (third after expensive but luxurious and super trendy 5th Avenue and 34th Avenue with shops like Macy’s). SoHo is like 5th Ave with better prices and cool architecture. It have been unwanted, poor area but nowadays it’s one of the most trendy and expensive areas to live in NYC.

IMG_1188 IMG_1177

Shops in Little Italy. It was really like visiting Italy, f.ex. fresh home made pasta and cheese!

The hearth of the Little Italy is Mulberry St – there are huge amount of Italian restaurants, home made pasta and cheese. If you like Italian food this is a must!

China town is huge and still growing area in NYC. It’s filled with Asian (mostly Chinese) stores, restaurants and salons. There are a lot of people going around and it really feels being in Asia when walking around there.

IMG_1247 IMG_1186 IMG_1266 IMG_1263

China Town

2-4 Food, shopping a bit (protein bars, sub and winteproof jacket 😀 )

IMG_20150102_224224 IMG_20150102_182928 IMG_1241

Snacks in NYC – wannabe healthy soda with an apple, some superb yoghurt I found in West Village (any idea where I could get more of those without going that far from Upper West Side?) and Chinese street food from China Town.

4.30-8.45 Classes (invertable 1, intro to fabric, intro to hoop) in Body & Pole

9-11 Walking back to the hotel, buying food, showering…

11.50 Go to the bed


Little Italy selfie

One fun thing during the day was about everyone with whom I talked, noticed my eyelashes (I have natural looking eyelash extensions with little diamonds). In Finland these are very popular at the moment but here I haven’t seen anyone (except myself) having these. It’s kind a fun that random people during walking tour ask about your lashes. 😀

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