Plans to NYC and 1st day in New York

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Plans for NYC:

  • Pole dance as much as possible
  • Visit 5th Ave Apple Store
  • Take some tourist tours by bus
  • Walk around city and take a lot of photos
  • Go to Central Park for morning walk, run or skiing (like locals)
  • Visit Top of The Rock (I’ve heard it has better view with shorter lines than Empire State Building)
  • Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Maybe shop some clothes
  • Eat out (tips for good restaurants in Manhattan area?)
  • Find my way from JFK to hotel with mass transit (no taxis this time!)
  • Go to Wall St walk tour
  • Maybe visit some museums

IMG_20150102_043010 IMG_20150102_034743

1st day of 2015 = 1st day in New York City!

My day began in Finland with regular breakfast, etc. The evening however wasn’t like every other – today I flew to New York City. Flight was straight one with Finnair, it took about 9 hours from Helsinki to JFK airport. We had one meal and coffee / tea. I watched four movies and some series thus time fly. In plane I met nice Finnish girl who had about 18 hours in NYC before her flight to Panama.

We decided to hang out for a day and found our way from JFK to my hotel with mass transit. It went quite well except my suitcase crisis when it got stuck in a gate when we tried to go to metro. 😀 Way from JFK to hotel was basicly free AirTrain to Jamaica Station and 7,5USD subway E to 7th Ave and 10 minutes walk to hotel. If you’re going to use more subway you can take for example 10 trips with 25USD.

IMG_20150102_034141 IMG_20150102_022414

After finding my hotel we went eating to Apple Jack Dinner that had menu with huge amount of good, very American options. We took burger deluxe meals that included burger, fries and some veggies. They were about 17USD per person including tax and tip. After eating we did little night walk before I went to sleep and she taking taxi to LaGuardia Airport.


Best thing when traveling alone is possibility to meet awesome people. 🙂

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