Last night in my Finnish home

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Here are little packing panic, excitement and even little sadness in the air. I’m already missing my family, university and work. 2014 was a great year but I look forward to have one even better starting in three days with flight to New York.

Today I took a long morning walk around the winter wonderland that came to my home town just before Christmas – temperature is under zero and it’s peacefully white and snowy everywhere. Even though I kind of hate cold weather it’s so beautiful out here that I almost have to like it.

IMG_20141228_093145 (1) IMG_20141228_102156

After the walk my day have included working, packing and doing copies of all my important files. I hope that nothing happens either to my computer or hard drive but I want to make sure that I’ll not lose any photos or anything in case something bad happens. Maybe here is the same effect that I always have with umbrellas – if I have one to make sure I’m not getting wet it’s not raining at all and if I don’t have one with me it’s quite sure it will rain. So maybe after copying everything nothing bad can happen? 🙂

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