Accepted as an exchange student, how to get a visa to States?

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I got acceptance letter and DS-2019 form couple days ago from Ohio. I was then wondering how did the J1 application process go? I had J1 last summer but it was long and complicated process so I though it would be helpful to write all the steps. If you’re going to be an exchange student without graduating in States you have to apply J-visa but if you will graduate F-visa is right for you (2014 information).

Steps to get J1 when you have DS-2019 (from Finland 2014 Oct):

– complete DS-160

– log in or create account

– to pay visa fee click “New Application/Schedule appointment”

schedule appointment once you receive notification email that your payment is confirmed (may take up to 2 business days) or request address label via email (only those who qualify for this service).

– pay SEVIS fee before interview (if you apply F, M or J visa) & make sure you have appropriate photograph of you for the visa

– attend your visa interview

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